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Google going political

Google is joining news-ranking website Digg and blogger groups to set up a "Big Tent" for media and delegates at the Democratic convention next week in Colorado.

The 743-square-meter (8,000-square-foot) center will feature a public area with kiosks for uploading videos to Google-owned YouTube and demonstrations of services offered by Google.

Google will also demonstrate a "Power Reader In Politics" project that lets people check out what candidates are reading online.

Google will also provide free massages and blended ice-and-fruit "smoothie" drinks. It plans to bring the same amenities to the Republican convention in Minnesota.

The increased importance of the Internet for political campaigning, fund raising and organizing has given heightened credibility and status to bloggers formerly shunned by convention organizers.

"We've definitely been excited about the growth and embrace of technology by both voters and candidates," Google spokeswoman Ginny Hunt told AFP on Tuesday.

"It's been explosive. It's light years from 2004. YouTube didn't exist four years ago and now it is being heavily used for politics."

Google is also a technology organizer for the Republican National Convention and the company's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, is listed as a technology advisor for presumptive Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

At the Democratic convention Google executives will take part in policy symposia on climate change, energy, philanthropy and technology.

Celebrities, political elite, and geeks are expected to be on the invitation lists to Google bashes that are coveted tickets at both conventions.

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