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A SEO Monitor stats system that's FREE

Are you your site's SEO service?

Here is a great service from
It's a free service too.

SEO Monitor is a stats system from SEO.
They update your stats every 7 days and you look updates in your Pagerank , pages indexed and backlinks !

All you need to do is create your SEO monitor and add the code in your page and look the info from your site .

They provide information on the following;

PR = Google Pagerank

GIP = Google Indexed Pages

GBL = Google Backlinks

YIP = Yahoo Indexed Pages

YBL = Yahoo Backlinks

MIP = MSN Indexed Pages

MBL = MSN Backlinks

Your report will look similar to this....

2008/12/17 4 31600 28200 5564586 54879 11 74800
2008/12/10 4 31600 22400 5543791 54733 9 105000
2008/12/03 4 32600 22600 4762121 54212 7 73800
2008/12/03 4 32600 22500 4762121 54212 7 73800

Click here to create your SEO Monitor
SEO Monitor demo :

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