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Linking and more Linking 20 more ideas about the link.

I know we have all heard about the importance of linking to other sites and being linked to. Not only does linking give your site some suggested credibility but, it can make for a better search result. In the end, linking can bring in traffic.

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20 more reasons to link.

  1. Links can give a reader a way to find additional information on the subject. They, they will learn to come to you for information in the future.
  2. Linking gives credibility to your topic.
  3. Having the correct links can make you, the author, more respectable.
  4. Links can add to your information.
  5. Linking to experts and credible sites can give the impression that you are in line with that site.
  6. Promoting others to link to your site also gives you credibility and traffic.
  7. Links in a post can give emphasis to the points of your topic.
  8. Links can be used to prove a point such as so and so said this.
  9. Be sure to leave comments on other sites linking back to yours. Be respectful to the site owner when you do so.
  10. Consider linking to the lesser known sites. Their content may be just as good as the well-known ones.
  11. Offer to trade links with another site.
  12. Be sure to link to similar blogs in your network.
  13. Linking can be a good way to make blogging friends. You can help one another by commenting, advising and more.
  14. If you are the first to link to a post in a comment, you will be noticed by everyone else who visits the post.
  15. Linking in a comment is a good way to tease other readers into visiting your site by giving them a taste of what you have to say.
  16. Some bloggers will link on a daily basis to similar sites or sites with good information. It helps build their own content.
  17. Avoid using "click here" and similar link words. They most likely will not spur much interest since they have been over-used.
  18. Participate in as many link back, sticky posts, and link to me and I'll link to you's as possible.
  19. Remember that bloggers can help one another with linking.
  20. Feel free to link to me. I'll link back.

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