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How to get more blog traffic

We all want more traffic. Traffic means that people are reading what we write, they regard us as an authority, and they return for more. Ultimately, traffic means rewards for us both monetarily and otherwise.

To increase traffic, we need to reevaluate what we are doing, improve what is working and be reminded of the traffic tips that are out there. Here are some of the best tips around.

  • When you write, have a point and make it a logical point.
  • When you write, word your point in the eyes of the reader and what that reader wants to read.
  • Update often, daily at a minimum. Get your readers trained to come back to see what you have said today.
  • Keep your posts to one topic and cut out the clutter. Keep it Short and Simple.
  • Use the primary keywords from your advertising keywords in the title of your post and the seconday ones in the body of your post. Search engines like this.
  • You should also use your keywords for your links within your post.
  • Use links in your post especially when you quote or there is an implied definition.
  • Submit Your Blog to 5-10 directories weekly- try this
  • Submit Your RSS Feed To 5-10 directories weekly -try this
  • Ping your blog to 5-10 sites weekly -try this
  • Build Links To Your Blog, especially easy if you run more than one blog or have a website.
  • Visit other blogs and leave comments
  • Offer to exchange links with other similarly themed blogs and websites. You can also do this with those who comment on your site.
  • Submit your blog posts as articles to sites. Try this
  • Stir interest by posting something that may be controversial. Try to stay neutral in your post.
  • Use e-mail as a source. Include your blog address in your signature when you send out e-mails that have a future- such as e-mail with humor.
  • Be sure to promote your blog feed for posts
  • Consider promoting your blog feed for comments
  • Use a variety in your presentation such as with images
  • People like to read lists because they are easy to scan.
  • Be current in your post topics as opposed to 'so five years ago'.
  • Educate and update yourself daily on your subject.
  • Also write posts that will always be relative or timeless.
  • Be encouraging with your peers or those blogging on a similar subject.
  • Use sources and site who they are by linking to them.
  • Know how to write authoritatively yet, personable
  • Encourage your reader to participate in the post by asking for opinions.
  • Keep items concerning your personal life, such as your pets or kids to a minimum and in the 'about me' area. If people want to know more about you that's where they'll look.
  • Twitter, twitter, twitter.
  • I like Facebook too. You can encourage your friends find you on social media sites.
  • Add chicklets to Digg etc.
  • Guest post and invite guest posts.
  • Use several posts to form a series about one topic.
  • Use sidebar links to topics. Labels are a good way to organize.
  • Make it easy to comment. You can always go back and delete stupid ones.
  • Evaluate the whole of your blog in terms of colors and layout.
  • Be patient as there are a lot of bloggers out there and it does take time to acquire an audeince.
  • Consider using an advertising budget to advertise your blog.
Give me a day and I can write for hours on this subject. Now to practice what you read.

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