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Facebook Introduces us to 'Publisher'

There has been some news lately about Facebook updating the home page with the goals of providing immediate news about your friends and giving you more control over the information you receive.

With the new design, Facebook says that they hope that the home page will contain stories that are most relevant to you. They also want to simplify the site and make it easier for you to share content with the people you care about.


The real-time stream on your home page will allow you to see what your friends are doing right now. You will be able to choose what types of stories appear by using the Filters in the left sidebar to sort your stream by Friend Lists or applications. The highlights section in the right sidebar will contain information that Facebook thinks you’ll find most interesting. We’ve also made it easier to share content by adding the publisher to your home page and friends’ profiles, as well as your own profile.

As always, your privacy settings will remain in effect to ensure that stories about you are only visible to the people whom you wish to see them.

The Publisher lets you share content on Facebook. It is located at the top of both your home page and your Profile page. Both locations offer the same functionalities.

Typing in the Publisher text box and clicking "Share" updates your status. Clicking inside the text box displays additional types of content that you can share:

* Link (add a web address to external content)
* Photos (upload a photo, create an album, or take a webcam photo)
* Video (upload a video or record a webcam video)
* Note (add from Facebook’s Notes application)
* Import (add external blogs or RSS feeds)
* Gifts (add from Facebook’s Gift Shop)

Once you have added content, you will still need to click "Share" in order to publish a story. To exit the submenu for a specific type of content, simply click the "X" in the upper-right corner of the Publisher box.

If you type in the Publisher box and then add content (e.g., a link or a video), the text will appear as a comment above the content you have shared. It will not appear as a new status update or replace your current status.

While viewing another person’s profile, you can use the Publisher to add content directly to their profile. Typing text alone in the Publisher box will create a Wall post.

When you share any content (e.g., a Wall post, video, or photo), a story will appear on your friend’s profile with a headline indicating that you have shared the information with them. The same story can also appear in the streams of other people who can view your friend’s profile.

If a person’s privacy settings prevent you from sharing a certain type of content on their profile, an error message will appear.

To share information privately with one person, click "Send a Message" below the person’s name on their profile.

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