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Yahoo's Updated Search

Yahoo! offers you new, faster ways to find the information you're looking for, whether it's on the Web or part of the Yahoo! network. You can access a range of features with one simple search. Getting Started
You can find the basic search box on the main Yahoo! page. Or visit our ad-free, dedicated Yahoo! Search start page. Type a word or phrase into the search box and click "Search." Search Category Tabs
On the Yahoo! Search results page, tab links above the search box let you change the type of search and focus your results on images, breaking news, videos, or Yahoo! Directory listings. For example, after searching the Web for sites about "hybrid cars," you can click "Images" to search the Web for pictures of hybrid cars. Then, click "News" to search the Web for the latest related stories. Click the "more ››" link to see all search categories. Yahoo! offers the following web search options:
  • Web: Search the entire Web for relevant web pages and web sites.
  • Directory: Find sites and browse categories in our subject-based human-edited guide to web sites.
  • Video: Search for videos across the Web.
  • Audio: Search for music, podcasts, and interviews and across the Web.
  • Images: See photos, illustrations, and icons from all over the Web.
  • Answers: Search for answers to questions on any topic from real people.
  • Local: Find local businesses serving your area.
  • News: Search over 7,000 news sources from Yahoo! News and crawled news and blog sources around the Web.
  • Shopping: Shop, find, and compare millions of items and prices from thousands of merchants.
  • Maps: Find maps and directions to anywhere you'd like to go.
  • People Search: Search for people using Yahoo!'s telephone and email directories.
  • Travel: Search for airplane tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, and more.
  • Jobs: Search for jobs, post your resume and more on Yahoo! HotJobs.
You can leave your search terms unchanged in the box and click any of these links to see different results for the same search. There's no need to re-enter your search terms or start over. Also, you can start any of these searches, and others, at the Yahoo! Search page. Your Results Page
The Web Search results page is divided into several sections. Related Searches
When other people have done searches similar to yours, we list these queries right under the search box. One of these might help you narrow your results. Just click a link to try one of these searches. Sponsor Results
Sponsor Results are sites that pay for placement in search results on terms that are relevant to their business. These listings appear on Yahoo! Search results pages and other sections of Yahoo!. The Yahoo! Search results page and selected Yahoo! Directory categories separate Sponsor Results from all the other results on the page so you can tell them apart. For more information about participating in this program, please see Sponsored Search Yahoo! Shortcuts
When you use certain simple keywords in your search, we display the specific information you're looking for above your search results. You might see relevant Yahoo! features or services appear in this section as well when they are a good match for your search.
  • For the latest forecast, type: Chicago weather
  • For local business listings, enter a city and state with a business name or category: boston, ma restaurants
Listed below are some of the many Yahoo! Shortcuts:
Airport InformationHotel FinderStock Quotes
Airline Registration InformationISBN NumbersSynonym Finder
Area CodesLocal ServicesTime Zones
Dictionary DefinitionsMovie ShowtimesUPC Codes
Encyclopedia LookupNewsVIN Number
Exchange RatesPackagesWeights, Measures, and Temperatures
Flight TrackerPatentsWeather
Gas PricesSports ScoresZIP Codes
More about Yahoo! Shortcuts... And, you can use the ! shortcut to quickly get around the Yahoo! network. Just type the name of a Yahoo! feature or service followed by ! to go straight there. For example:
  • Type "sports!" to go to Yahoo! Sports.
  • Type "mail!" for Yahoo! Mail.
  • Type "finance!" to go to Yahoo! Finance.
More about Navigating Yahoo! with a !... Even when you don't use these Yahoo! Shortcuts in your search, we often find helpful Yahoo! features and services that relate to your search, and display them above your results. Web Results
Web Results are links to relevant sites provided by Yahoo! Search and the Yahoo! Directory. Web results are generated from the billions of web pages discovered, crawled, and indexed by Yahoo! Search. More than 99% of web pages in the Yahoo! Search index are included for free through the web crawl process. The Web Results section might also include links to sites that participate in the Content Acquisition Program (CAP). CAP enables content providers to submit web content directly to Yahoo! for review and inclusion in the Yahoo! Search index; content providers that participate in CAP through the Search Submit program pay for these services. Participation in CAP does not guarantee placement or ranking in search results. Individual results might show some of the following features:
  • Cached: A link to a copy of the page stored in the search engine, in case the site is unavailable. Your search terms are highlighted on the cached page to help you find the relevant content.
  • View as HTML: If a result links to an Adobe PDF file, we give you the option to view the information as a web page instead of downloading the file.
  • More pages from this site: Searches that particular site for pages containing the same term.
More about your results... Your Search Preferences
You can now save your personal settings so they apply every time you search the Web using Yahoo!. These settings include the number of results to display, your languages of choice, and whether to block adult content. Just click the "more" link above the search box, then click the "Preferences" link in the search tab dropdown. Search Preferences... Advanced Search
Advanced Web Search helps you find sites that match very specific criteria, including combinations of words and the date the site was last updated. The options you choose apply only to the current search. Each type of search such as Web, Directory, or News, has its own Advanced Search page offering a unique set of options. Just click the "Advanced Search" link next to the search box.

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