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How to make someone leave your site

It's hard enough to get people to visit your site.
You have to also think about keeping them there and making them want to return. The last thing you want to do is make your visitors leave for good.

Prevention is part of the effort to make people want to be on your site. Prevention of them never wanting to leave it.

Here are some factors to keep in mind.

Slow Loading Pages
Would you want to wait around for a page to load?
Keep file sizes that are embedded into your site small. Some of the worst culprits are the ads that you display.

How annoying is it to have Audio or Video that Starts Automatically?

Enough said.

Navigation that is easy
It doesn't have to be fancy just easily accessible.

Advertisements that are in your face.
Be subtle with your advertisements. One of the biggest turn-offs as well as discredits to your site, is loud and too obvious advertisements.

Overall look of the site

Is it readable- fonts etc?
Is it clean and well laid out?
How up to date are you in posting?
Are your colors working?

You should be on the re-evaluation scheme of things every six months with updates to your site as needed to refresh.

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You forgot to add the disclaimer about people leaving comments...

Those little boxes where you fill in some scrambled words are a royal PAIN!