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Advertising through Technorati

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Technorati now offers an advertising option.

Technorati Engage, a self-service advertising network of blogs and social media sites is now in beta and open to a limited set of advertisers and publishers.

Currently, Technorati Engage offers a 125x125 Square Button display ad, Text and PhoText ads. Additional display ad formats are scheduled for release after the beta launch.

Text and PhoText ads can be very easily created from within the Technorati Engage platform. Text ads are the most efficient vehicle for communication or to drive response. PhoText ads can communicate your message more effectively than either a text or image ad alone, and convert more effectively than traditional text ads.

Ad units currently offered by the Technorati Engage beta program:

Weekly Ads

A Weekly Ad is an ad that is displayed on a single blog for a specified period of time. Because Weekly Ads are time-based, they are sold on a Cost per Week basis.

The shortest period of time that you can buy an ad for is one day.

A PhoText ad is a selected image or picture that is displayed beside a relevant text ad.

Technorati Engage will take any image and resize it to make the picture fit one of 4 set square dimensions: 25, 50, 100, and 200 pixels in width. The dimension depends on what the publisher selects for his or her particular blog for all PhoText ads in a single ad box.
Blogs that support PhoText ads are marked with a camera icon that is displayed in the Site Directory and on the blog's profile. However, to be certain, check the blog description and the blog itself to find out if they display PhoText ads.

Although Technorati Engage has guidelines pertaining to the size and quality of the picture, the content of the picture is entirely up to the advertiser and his or her advertising goals. All ads are reviewed by Technorati Engage before being displayed.

Technorati Media offers two types of ads: a Weekly Ad which runs for a period of time on a single blog priced in dollars per week, and a Targeted CPC (RON) ad that runs on many blogs priced in cents per Valid CPC click.

A Weekly Ad has the advantage of allowing an advertiser to target the visitors from a single blog and the disadvantage of only having historic information to predict how many times the ad will be clicked.

A Targeted CPC (RON) ad has the advantage of allowing an advertiser to know exactly what the cost per valid click will be and the disadvantage of not knowing from which blog the valid click will originate.

Technorati Media recommends Targeted CPC (RON) ads when an advertiser wants to:
1) Know the Cost Per Click before running the ad, and
2) Promote an offer across a large number of blogs without buying an ad on each blog.

You can target your CPC ad by choosing (1) the region(s) you want the ad displayed, (2) the ad format (text, PhoText, or display), and (3) the blog content category (e.g. Humor, Music, Movies).
C (RON) ads before they are displayed on the network. We will not approve a Targeted CPC (RON) ad if (1) the site that the ad is linking to is illegal, (2) the site the ad is linking to endorses "get paid to click" or "get paid to read" type offers and (3) if you use all capitals in your text description.
What Targeted CPC (RON) ad content restrictions exist?

Technorati Engage reviews all Targeted CPC

The period of time the Targeted CPC (RON) ad runs depends on:

1) The number of clicks purchased;
2) The compelling nature of the product being offered and the resulting Click Through Ratio (CTR);
3) The number of Targeted CPC (RON) ads running on the Publisher Network at that point in time;
4) The number of page views occurring on the blogs where the Targeted CPC (RON) ad is running.
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