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Windows 7

According to Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Corp.'s next version of the Windows operating system is almost ready to go public. He says that a nearly final "beta" test version of Windows 7 will be available Friday for regular PC users to download and tinker with. The new operating system could be available for purchase on PCs within a year . It uses much of the same underlying technology as its predecessor, the much-maligned Vista. But Windows 7 aims to resolve many problems PC users had with Vista. Microsoft says it will make it easier to install peripheral devices and to have the software pump out fewer annoying warnings and notifications.

Microsoft also says that they will make its Live Search programs the default search engines on more personal computers and mobile phones.

"It feels like we've entered a period of reduced expectations, a time when we may be tempted to temper our optimism and scale back our ambitions," Ballmer said, in a nod to the recession. "But no matter what happens with the economy or how long this recession lasts, I believe our digital lives will only continue to get richer."

Ballmer is hoping to boost the number of people using Microsoft's Live Search engine. Through a deal with PC maker Dell Inc., Dell will put a special Live Search browser toolbar and Windows Live programs, including Microsoft's e-mail and instant-messaging applications, on most of the consumer and small-business PCs that it sells worldwide. That deal replaces a relationship between Dell and Google.

Yahoo! Personals

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