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Getting into the Contest Thing

Hosting a giveaway or a contest can be an excellent source for new traffic and potential subscriptions.

How to get started;

Finding the right item to give away is important. It is what can bring people to your site. Think about the end before you choose. That is, how will you get the winning item to the winning contestant. That is why easy to send items are nice- look for giftcards or sponsors who will ship the item for you.

How long will your contest run?

Usually one to two weeks is the norm. Any more is too much time and any less is not enough time. People looking for blog contests tend to be short in the attention span because there are so many contests to choose from.

Market your contest.

Hook up with a contest site that will list and feature your contest. Here is one that will include it in their newsletter to all of their subscribers. In exchange, they ask that you display their banner.

Your listing-
Describe the item accurately and honestly.Be sure to include rules for entering such as age and location. And the end date for the contest is important as well. You will need a method of contacting the winner.

Your winner-
There are random generators that many sites use. Other sites choose name out of a hat. As long as it is fair. You should check the winner to make sure they did all that they needed to do to sign up for the contest. You'll find that many of your people have not.

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